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Labels & Paper

We supply a range of labels and carbonless laser paper.

Low tack laser labels

Our laser labels are of the highest standard and are a low tack, peelable version for easy removal from glass (or profile). If you want to try before you buy, we're happy to send out samples. Please telephone 01273 570857 or email us.

We supply 3 different sizes of label as standard as follows (bespoke sizes on request):

  • 137mm x 97mm, 4 labels to a page, boxed in 2000*
  • 99.1mm x 93.1mm, 6 labels to a page, boxed in 3000
  • 99.1mm x 38.1mm, 14 labels to a page, boxed in 7000

*these labels have a detachable strip which can be stuck on the edge of the unit


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All sizes are available in standard white and the 6 labels to a page are now also available in orange, green, yellow and blue should you wish to distinguish between different delivery areas, production days or customers.


Carbonless laser printer paper

Our carbonless laser printer paper is multi-part NCR (no carbon required) paper for printing your own delivery notes, invoices and internal forms. It is available in 2, 3 or 4 part as follows:

  • 2 part (250 sets per ream) white and yellow
  • 3 part (167 sets per ream) white, yellow and pink
  • 4 part (125 sets per ream) white, yellow, pink and blue
  • All NCR paper is available in a minimum of 5 reams per type.

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