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Bar Coding

Using the Glass Office Bar Coding module, anyone in your company can see where all of the pieces of glass are, for any given job, at any one time. This will help your customer service team enormously.


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  1. The vertical black line is "now", items to the left are in the past and have been done, items to the right are to be done in the future
  2. This shows a list of all the glass pieces and what materials they are
  3. This is a key to show you what each of the colours mean

You can see from this screen shot above that items 7 and 8 are completely finished, although there are 6 pieces that still need to be arrised and toughened.
The refresh button on the top right will bring this information up to date if you have been looking at the screen for a while, as this screen is updated immediately an item's barcode is scanned in the factory.

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