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Production Monitor

The real-time production monitor will show all the major bottlenecks in your factory and both how busy they are and the projected impact of overloading a bottleneck, pushing more work into the next day.

The capacities are updated in real time, both by orders that are committed to production and reduced by barcoding in the factory, to give an accurate indication of the real situation.

The system is useful in the sales office as it will show that production is full and the order entry people can see the probable impact and delivery times for new work. It is also useful in the production office and will highlight areas of concern, without the need to walk out into the factory and check.


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For example in the screen shot above, you can see that the leading department and toughening furnace are both over capacity on Monday, but that on Tuesday the factory will catch up, and there is capacity to take on more work on every other day, including Tuesday. There is also capacity to make more standard float units on Monday (but just not toughened or decorative units).

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