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Electronic Import of Orders

Glass Office can import from many other sales order processing systems, of both industry partners and competitive systems. We publish our file layouts and promote open systems throughout our industry. Please email us for the latest formats and documentation.

Glass Office can import orders from window manufacturing systems such as Windowmaker (Windowmaker Software Ltd), Window Designer (First Degree Systems Ltd), Caliburn (Merlin Software International), Winstar and Evolution (Business Micros). Orders imported from window programs can have the Georgian bar layout already configured, so useful labels can be produced.

Glass Office can also import orders from conservatory roof manufacturing systems such as RoofWright. This can include DXF shaped units, which can then be nested in the GlasSave glass optimiser.

Glass Office can also import from other glass industry programs such as Li-Ord (Lisec Software), and ALFAK/ALCIM (Albat & Wirsam Software), and of course from other Glass Office systems for up and downstream suppliers (eg. of toughened glass or finished units).


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  1. The import icon
  2. A short list of some of the systems Glass Office can import from

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